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Prince Kaybee is angry over music artists losing millions due to COVID-19



Prince Kaybee is livid of the havoc COVID-19 has caused artists in 2020.

In March, South Africa recorded her first COVID case and the rest was history.

Everything was on hold, no more gigs, it was a complete lockdown.

Reminiscing on all that happened, Kaybee realized the plenty loss music artists made this year.

Though, the country is back to a more sociable stage, and music artists resume performing at gigs, but the music producer can’t handle the reality of what the pandemic did.

Taking to Twitter, he said: ” Imagine at your peak you do 100 shows a year charging 80k per show, yep you have lost 8 MILLION RAND this year. Covid has taken the Live Income from artists and its no Joke.”

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